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Art-A-Whirl® is the largest open studio tour in the country, happening annually throughout Northeast Minneapolis the third weekend of May. View artwork of nearly 800 artists in every medium at more than 60 locations, including studio buildings, art galleries, homes, storefronts, and local businesses. The artists’ open studio tours may include demonstrations, mini workshops, installations, and special exhibitions.

Because the COVID-19 pandemic makes Art-A-Whirl impossible to hold in its traditional form this year, we’ve created this website as a way to move the event online for artists and art consumers.

Here you can browse experiences from artists and local partners, grouped by experience type. You can also browse studio buildings, artists, and local partners via the Art-A-Whirl map, and shop art online.

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Art-A-Whirl Map

Find art, experiences, and local partners that make up Art-A-Whirl

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Browse artists to find artwork for online or offline purchase.

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