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Recovery from ALL Trauma Workshop

TODAY, I’m Alright

RECOVERY. If you are reading this word, “RECOVERY” it would be unusual if you do NOT know anyone who WAS, IS, or you wish WERE, in RECOVERY. What does that word actually mean when connected to trauma? I chose to use the word RECOVERY for my series because my series is a message of hope.   Your trauma is not terminal. You are not broken. You can create your own life rafts of hope and resilience with practical strategies

Art to Change the World’s first event, See. Say. DO. Intends to change the world by using art to deliver a message of hope and serving as a catalyst for positive concrete change. See all events:


Workshop: Our two hour workshop invites EVERYONE who has a connection with TRAUMA to join us for two hours of resource sharing, art-making, conversation and most importantly – identifying strategies for change.  This workshop invites people who have had their life touched by trauma: People recovering from disordered eating, gambling, chemicals, alcohol, or sex addictions and people recovering from death, divorce, cults or abuse. Each participant will go to the drawers and cupboards of TODAY, I’m Alright to choose a talisman to discuss at the workshop and then take home with them to help in their recovery. Please open all the cupboards and drawers, consider what you see and take one of the contents, if invited.  Leave your reflections and comments in the art and attend our workshop! Friends and family are also invited to this workshop. Everyone needs to evolve and change for a recovery to be successful. Recovery is way more complicated than to ” Just Say NO”.    Join our October 14   1:00-3:00  Workshop: Register

Squirrel Haus Arts,  3450 Snelling Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55406


Barbara Rogers Bridges has been an artist and a teacher/college professor for over 40 years. Her social practice sculptures have been exhibited in Maine, Miami, the Virgin Islands, Maryland, Chicago, Mexico, Spain, Canada, and throughout Minnesota. Bridges taught K-12 art in Minnesota, Maine, and the Virgin Islands. She was voted Art Teacher of the Year twice in Minnesota.

Barbara creates social practice art from fabricated components in a variety of media and rescued “power objects”. She manipulates the objects to create meaning and provoke discussions and reflection on a wide variety of social topics including agricultural practices (Ode to Gluten), living a considered life (Talking Chairs and Academia Nuts), water quality (Found In Our Water), recovery (Reflection Pool) and Feminism (Three Waves, Wonder Woman and La Mujer). See  She is a sculptor on a mission to demonstrate how art can serve as a catalyst for social change and is committed to creating, and empowering others to create, high quality art objects which honor their powerful message.

Barbara is also the Founder of the non-profit Art To Change The World
Art to Change the World (ACW) is a non-profit, multidisciplinary, cross-generational coalition of 20 social practice artists, educators, scientists, authentic/expert voices and supporters who are committed to creating events which deliver powerful and transformative experiences.

The purpose of the non-profit Art To Change The World is to create opportunities for partnerships to defend human and civil rights and to protect the environment and build a safe and nurturing community for all people who seek to live a considered life and meet at the intersections of art and natural and social sciences. The purpose of these events and exhibitions is to provoke discussion, reflection and action on a wide variety of topics and to nurture an empathic, socially aware and action oriented community. We aspire to investigate  what divides us and discover strategies which might unite us. Our specific mission is to encourage the marginalized, disenfranchised, underserved, as well as the ruling elite, to DO Something.   Although our organization is new, our collective spans age (18-75), race, gender, physically challenged, education and more. Many are seasoned and experienced veterans.

ACW Members Benefits

  • Members apply for grants for THEIR projects and ACW will act as the non-profit fiscal agent.
  • ACW  hosts member Events. The first one will be “What’s Your Issue”. ACW will be writing support grants for this event.  Apply Here!
  • ACW pays ACW Events participants.
  • Paid traveling workshops emerging from events are planned. Optional
  • ACW is a collaborative change making community.
  • Belonging to an international and diverse networked community.
  • Leading and participating in Ubuntu film/book and workshop/discussion dialogue. Free.
  • Inclusion of your events in the ACW Calendar
  • Listing of your day job offerings.
  • NOTE: Our member partners will be paid so we hope this raises the level of respect, quality of product and interest in the artist voice. For example:  If  an artist has recovery as a topic, they will be reaching out to contacts at Hazelden and primary source voices for a partner to participate in the development of the art work and the workshop. The empirical “expert voices” will also learn from the artists. We plan to offer the workshops created in our event to schools and businesses   See All Membership Options


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