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As a painter I find that I am interested in self portraiture. When I start a painting I don’t necessarily know exactly how it will turn out. It is an evolving process from start to finish. A lot of my paintings don’t always start out as self portraits but they seem to end up that way. Sometimes it can be an animal or bird or mythical creature. Even though it may not literally be in my likeness it still represents me. My paintings are often based on everyday events that are metaphors for my actual life, usually more conveying feelings and emotions than the actual event. My painting ideas are  taken from what I am thinking about and feeling at the time that I am making the painting. My art can be whimsical and humor is frequently part of my work reminding me that life is often funny as well as tragic and not to be taken too seriously! Being a woman I can not help but have my expression coming from a feminine point of view and I incorporate a lot of feminine imagery as well as ideas from nature in my paintings. I use a lot of intuition in my art process and I love color. I feel like I am directed from my soul when I am making art, like I am somehow fulfilling my life’s purpose.

I also love jewelry and I have been working with precious metals and stones for over 30 years. My jewelry is often made with the idea of it becoming a cherished heirloom piece that will last for many years, both making a fashionable statement and yet never going out of style. I incorporate metaphor and meaning in my jewelry using timeless symbols and classic forms. My pieces are made to feel good on the body, flatter the wearer and bring joy to the person who is wearing it.


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Minneapolis, MN 55418
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