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California Building

2205 California St NE
Studio 200B & C
Minneapolis, MN 55418
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A New World
Candy Kuehn’s Studio and Work; ‘Combustion‘    (click picture for YouTube video)  Interference Arts Music Production/Craig Harris

I am a hyper inventive geek, exploring and abusing artistic mediums, with the deepest knowledge in fibers, dyes, iPhone apps with photography. I fuse color and texture into meaning. I rambunctiously play in imagery and motion using anything I can find. I use fiber content with its drape; dyes and paints with their specific colors; and apps in the iPhone for their meaning. I am curious and cross-sensed. I see music’s patterns and shapes; I touch between spaces and time; I smell emotion. Order is a glommed ball where I need story, or tree roots that unravel it. Only then, I see its pattern in motion. I  show what it is I see, hear and sense with fiber content’s motion, with luminescent color, and this especially in the Iphone’s photo apps. I want everybody to smell what I see, and taste what I know.

Physics, now, has the words and theories that I’ve sensed my entire life – multi-layered universes, dark matter, and gravitational waves that traverse as branches, leaves, as neurons in the brain, or how dust shapes nebulas above the clothes dryer. These concepts, and their shapes translate what I see into working reality.

My favorite art works are the cave paintings, shaman works across many cultures, and over 6000 years old pieces in China, Old Europe, Africa, the Americas. Marc Chagall and Fachang Muqi (Chinese 13th century) are my favorite painters. Erte, Zandra Rhodes, Issey Miyake and Alexander McQueen are my wearable artists influences. The images from Hubble, Chandra X-ray, and Spitzer space telescopes thrill me beyond wonder. Leonardo DaVInci is one of my many favorite scientists.

I feel my work is closer to Outsider Art in its unspoken spiritual content. Our current culture’s values are destructive to the  natural world, it’s balance. Nature is a cooperative in the “circle of life”. Death and growth are a whole, a flow, a movement in harmony. Grace and Beauty can be chosen at each breath. I want my work as healing grace, a natural force , a mirror of what can be.

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Framed Prints, shipping can be negotiated. link to this group

These Archival Printed Digital prints are framed in either black or maple wood frames.


Passing; Going

This image is part of a pair I printed and framed in black frames (very handsome in these frames). These are from a video my Husband Craig Harris, (Interference Arts , composer and producer) and I made for his piano work ‘Passing’. It is printed on Innova Digital Art Paper. Black Frame size is 18″w x 24″h.

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Passing; There

This image is part of a pair I printed and framed in black frames (very handsome in these frames). These are from a video my Husband Craig Harris, (Interference Arts , composer and producer) and I made for his piano work ‘Passing’. It is printed on Innova Digital Art Paper. Black Frame size is 18″w x 24″h.

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Red Trees

‘Red Trees’ was made for a show last Fall 2019, for The Hewing Hotel, through the Kolman and Pryor Gallery. Then it lived for many months, enjoying itself, in the Bridgewater, a downtown tall apartment building, with hallways long Art Galleries. It now needs a Forever home!!!! It’s Black framed with a matte, 26″w x 20″h. I made it on my IPhone, from trees in the Quarry Home Depot Parking Lot, wth HDR apps, Diana app, and tangled in the Tangled app. I enlarged and printed it on Epson Luster Digital Photo Paper. ( Photoshop and ON1 are my go to’s computer desktop apps). It is sumptuous seen alive. It’s now on sale!!!!

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River Sumac

This was taken at the Park by the Stone Arch Bridge, near the spill falls, by the concrete blocks. The sumac is usually glorious in Summer, then the leaves turn luminous red in the Fall. It’s just across the wooden bridge, under where Mill City Lofts can enter the park.

This image was printed 7″ x 7″ on Hahnemuelle matte digital photo paper, and in a Birch frame. Total size is 11″w x 14″h.

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Voyagers National Park; as Maxfield Parish

This piece came from playing with 3-4 apps on my IPhone. It’s the same cabin woods, seen and re-seen, accidentally new with my phones algorithms. I play and play in the phone, until I can see/feel what is beyond known now. I know the phone, trees, electrons, and I are all a connected one. It’s possible we see in each others eyes.

This is black framed about 12″w x 24″h , printed on Epson Premium Matte.

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Succulents Dream

These Cuban Oregano, sweet spiced succulents, are not from Winter. In the Summer, they thrive in the shade, with just moments of Morning Sun. I think they dream too of the Cabin, by the water, or maybe it’s more of the Tropical Ocean shady breeze, they only sense in their distant ancestry. Maple framed, 17″w x 41″ h

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Blue Moon for Zorongo

I do digital stage sets with my husband Craig Harris/Interference Arts. This is a piece for ‘The Palabras Project’, where several Hispanic Arts groups including Theater, Dance, Music and Fine Arts came together, made ‘Blood Wedding’ by Federico Garcia Lorca. I worked with Zorongo Flamenco, on a costume and video for a 15 minutes-EXACT- dance. This is one of the stills for the projected set, video. I was to make a haunting, afternoon to evening woods, with knives and blood!!! It’s on my YouTube channel, without the sound. This piece is black framed, 26″w x 20″h

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We Live in Love

One of my earlier pictures, that I still love. I made this mostly on the computer. Maple framed, 20″w x 16″h

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Woods Knows Time

The forest buries its roots, into its history. It knows time so differently than us, the fungus moves energy, nutrients and perhaps stories, between it’s all its’ population. This is black framed, about 14″w x 40″h

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Dye Sublimation printed metal tiles, shipping can be negotiated. link to this group

These are all glossy printed on metal tiles , ready to hang. This printing method of my work has a tiger-eye rock effect.


Cabin Lake; Peace

This image was made on my first IPhone, IPhone 3, experimenting with my first HDR photo apps, at our family cabin. I got lost in this, at the cabin, making new Worlds. This started a whole new photography, beyond what I was trained in, but what I knew deeply. This is Dye Sublimation printed on a11’w x14″h metal tile, which created a depth in this image.

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In Cart

Cedar Holds Forest

This Ceder tree and the few cousins left, live in the REA electric line cut, above the cabin, at bottom of a cliff, by an occasional tiny tiny stream. One large cousin fell in a storm, crossing the hillside. Now a haven for mosses, raspberries, hiding squirrels, and chipmunks from the Bald Eagles. She feels like the Mother of this Forest.

This is Dye Sublimation Printed on an 11″w x 14″h metal tile.

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Dark Blue Island Lagoon; Wings and Roots

I made a series of images for a show called ‘Wings and Roots’ at Silverwood Park in New Brighton, Minnesota. These are curated shows , where your work my or may not get in. The usual chosen Curator at this beautiful art/community center in the woods, by the lake is a minimalist… work is not…. I do so love this series and printed several on metal tiles. (This park is near to where I bicycled as a kid, was a private camp, and opened up many years after as a Three Rivers District Park.) I do occasionally show single pieces in member shows in the gallery that are windows in the woods. I would walk our big old brown bear dog there, before she left. She would calmly walk into the cool or November cold lake, easing her old body’s aches, deeply contented. I have made many pieces from that place. My contentment is there too, an old longing that the bicycle girl for that lake and woods, now in gray hair, I can do…be in that place, walk by the lake.

This is Dye Sublimation printed on a 16″w x 20″h metal tile.

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Forest Vortex

Two IPhone apps, RollWorld and Tiny Planets are addictive!!! Swirling and twirling our world , over and over and over, is so intriguing, hypnotic, and bewitching. A few of these generated pictures or videos are actually alluring and beautiful. These  apps can develop your inner curator.(Or at least make this a need!!) On Instagram, we all can see the ‘Rabbit Hole’ (one app’s actual category), when someone FALLS INTO IT!!! We hope then, their inner curator appears, SOON. This particular roll, is a favorite, with me, and my printer, Terry Schopper, (Artist Resource Group).

This is Dye Sublimation printed on an 11″ x11″ metal plate.

This item is available for pickup.


Woods Time

This Image is also from that first Summer, with my IPhone 3. I also discovered the Histamatic app, and how cool it worked into my other worldly HDR app. This picture was my childhood cabin memories, with my Grandma and Grandpa there, mixed with the cabin now. The trees, with all our ALL OUR CHILDREN, some with needles and roots, some with feet, phones and a big brown swimming dog. Today, I am Grandma(GAMA), with Grandpa(GAMPA). Our little one is is the 5th generation, these White and Red Pines have watched. The Balsams and Spruce, it’s their 3rd. I watched those replace the Birch trees . The Forest and I are both becoming.

This image is Dye Sublimation printed on an 11″x 11″ metal tile.

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Hats, shipping can be negotiated. link to this group

Upcycled hats, enjoying their own reinvention!!!

Upcycled 1970-1980's Hat

Upcycled 1980’s Red Straw Hat- I’m Too Red!!!

This hat is a flat shiny red straw brimmed hat from the late 1970-1980’s. It had bounced around, before my Mother found it at Goodwill on Tuesdays, Senior Day. I teach Upcycled ‘The Wind Did It’ hat classes, (for years). She with her friends, enjoyed finding me Hats for all to play with. This one had many opportunities for red leaves gluegun fun! Over 1/2 of the Hat’s decorations are also recycled. With this hat (because of it’s vintage), I will send along extra Red Leaves for just in case repairs. This Hat was a demonstration piece for a hat class, that the Covid-19 pandemic ate up from the Textile Center late spring roster…. (It does have ties that keeps it on the head)

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Upcycled late 1970's Hat

Upcycled Late 1970’s Straw Hat- Am I from Mexico?

This flat natural straw hat appears to be a character hat from the late 1970’s. This hat was a demonstration piece for my 4-5th Grade ‘Sewing Girls’, at Marcy Open School, after school classes…THEY LOVED MAKING FACINATORS AND HATS. They then would ‘borrow ‘ my phone taking pictures of themselves, playing with all the IPhone photo settings..THEN we would play fashion show, to the other after school classes. They would figure out routines for each person’s headpiece. This last time , a fellow student /friend in a media class, made a movie on her phone…Fun was had by all !!!!!! We all were very proud of our girls ingenuity!!!


Most of the fabrics, flowers and feathers are recycled. This hat has ties to keep on head. Because of its vintage, I will send some fabric and flowers for just in case repairs.

This item is available for pickup.

Just Archivally printed prints, shipping can be negotiated. link to this group

These are just large prints, plain, no mats.

All Is Coming

I made this print this last Fall. I know we all felt something coming, and we know it’s not here yet.

This is a large print on Epsom Luster Digital Photo Paper, image size 13″h x 40″w (total paper about 16″h x 44″w).

This item is available for pickup.



This Piece was made for Art to Change the World exhibition ‘See- Say- Do’; October 2019, at the Squirrel Haus, in South Minneapolis. It’s digitally printed on Stonehenge Fine Art Drawing Paper (40″w x 30″h). Turbulence is one of my favorite concepts in Physics, I see in the water canoeing, in the sky around the clouds, also in our culture, with the news. Our neighbor, Woods Halley, who’s a professor of Physics and Astronomy at the University of Minnesota, mentored me in this project. I wanted to show that Physics is both of everyday life and beautiful. This is the first work on these concepts.


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Archivally printed small and medium prints, shipping can be negotiated. link to this group


New Lands

This was an experiment, that I kept on my phone for a couple years. This last Fall I decided to accept and print it. It’s not my usual worlds, but it felt real this year.


This is a print on Innova digital art Paper; 17″w x 22″h

This item is available for pickup.

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