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Northrup King Building

1500 Jackson Street Northeast
Studio 222
Minneapolis, MN
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Deb grew up on a dairy farm in southeastern Minnesota, surrounded by horses, dairy cattle, and land.  This rural upbringing instilled in Deb an unwavering respect for the earth, a tough work ethic, a fierce independence, and a love of the wild.

Since 1999, when Deb first began using a camera as an creative outlet, she has been published, had solo shows, been selected for multi artist shows, featured in newspapers, public television, and international magazines, approached by National Geographic, lead wild horse workshops, won countless awards and her work hangs all over the world.

After Deb’s first encounter with wild horses in 2006, Deb recognized that wild horses needed a voice. Deb choose to focus her creative eye on her lifelong bond to the horse and began pursuing their stories, realizing the physically demanding work of photographing wild horses; tracking them over rugged, isolated, desert and mountainous terrain is not for the feeble or faint of heart and may only be for a limited number of years.

Consequently, in 2015 Deb created a body of work titled Fly Without Wings – A tribute to America’s wild spirit.  Deb spent three consecutive months working in Theodore Roosevelt National Park in Medora, ND capturing images of the wild horse in their natural environment. In October of 2015 those images were shown in a self-funded and promoted exhibit that was presented to a sold out preview night with an additional 600 attendees over the next two days; raising a substantial amount of money to give back to a non-profit who advocate for wild horses.

Due to the success of Fly Without Wings and feeling like she had just begun to make a difference, Deb commenced on a new body of work titled —“Wild and Untethered” that was exhibited, with the help of a grant, at the Anderson Center in Red Wing, MN in October of 2019.

Deb states, “This journey to be a voice involves more than horses, there are countless tales from individuals who love and those who scorn the wilds in the age old story of man against the land, nature, and each other.  Suddenly the journey is now about more than taking images of wild horses but a personal journey of discovery, learning how to deal with the extremes in both humans and horses, how to step out and not be afraid to make a difference, how to lay my art out there for public judgement, how to sacrifice and leave husband, family, and home behind for months at a time, but most importantly it has become about being a giver, not a taker.  Using art to give back and not take for my own personal gain.”

Deb has over fifty years of equine reproductive experience, twelve years of observing wild horse behavior, three years working on the CSU wild horse contraceptive study as a field research technician, combined with her fierce respect and experience as a farmer, rancher, and an organic grower, helps her appreciate the tough task at hand in managing America’s public lands. Deb’s ultimate goal is to introduce more Americans to our wild horses and potentially discover on range management solutions that will work for all stakeholders. At the heart of her work is the focus to find adoptive settings for these living symbols of America’s heritage.

Deb, and her husband, are in this for the long haul.  The wild filly, Pinnacles, they adopted, a Blaze daughter from TRNP, in 2016, is fulfilling her legacy and becoming a voice for the wilds off the range! Everyone who meets her at their farm in rural eastern Minnesota are enamored. They are developing their land for workshops, mentoring programs, and a place to learn about wild horses and yourself, a place for discovery, education and the chance to experience wild.

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