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A-Mill Artist Lofts

315 SE Main St
Studio Ceramics
Minneapolis, MN 55414
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12-year-old Emmanuelle Moncrieffe was one of A-Mill Artist Lofts first and youngest resident artists to move in. Born and raised in South Minneapolis, she moved in with her mom in 2015 and first solidified her artistry as a “trapeze and aerial artist”, having attended the famed Circus Juventas School in St. Paul since she was five-years-old.

Emmanuelle grew up surrounded by the arts; her mother a working photographer, writer and ink & charcoal artist. Having free-reign in a multitude of art studios throughout her young life, she dabbled with various art forms, making project after project, until one Mother’s day, she made her first solo attempt at a ceramics piece. Combining her mom’s love of cephalopods and her own fascination with tiny objects and gardening, the “tiny tentacle succulent planter” had it’s debut. Her mom loved it so much she showed it off, posting images online. Requests came pouring in. Freshly motivated and proud of her work, this little wonder made herself a permanent fixture in the A-Mill clay studio. With some business guidance from mom and the watchful eye of neighboring ceramics artist friends, “Em” turned her love for getting messy and making funky and functional art, into a kid’s entrepreneurial dream. Being on the autism spectrum and having an immense love of animals, this young artist also used her business model as an opportunity to bring awareness to neurodiversity and animal welfare. Emmanuelle has pledged to give a portion of her proceeds to various animal rescues and autism service organizations. Both, which have benefited and enriched her own life.

e.ménagerie ceramics” sold-out of products during it’s first sale at the 2016 Art-A-Whirl, then again at Stone Arch Festival that following summer. She again opened her family’s loft during 2017 Art-A-Whirl and was taking commissions. She was approached by shop owners and visual marketers about selling her pieces in brick and mortar stores. An online gallery and product shop (in addition to several pop-up shops) are in the works. Emmanuelle has big plans to stretch the “ménagerie” beyond sea life and she is currently testing out new mediums like wood, fabrics and metals in hopes to expand her product line and push herself to make art that goes beyond cute and crafty pottery.

When asked what her artwork means to her, this bright young artist, responds with an articulate introspection:”Learning about other people’s artwork and working on weird projects makes me go beyond the limits of what I think I can do with my own art. I don’t want to just sell things. I like talking about how I make my art and what it means to have someone take my art home with them.”

When not sculpting, glazing and firing, Miss Moncrieffe also enjoys painting, rescuing and fostering pitbulls, reading, eating Pizza Luce and Ethiopian food, traveling all over the world her mom, practicing her circus skills, exploring nature, learning about science, engaging in various forms of community activism and having tea while reading old recipes with her great-grandma.

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