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Northrup King Building

1500 Jackson Street Northeast
Studio 166
Minneapolis, MN
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I’m a scavenger – random objects make their way to me and find a home in my art. I love taking old, undesirable castoffs and crafting them into something beautiful. A box of small wood boards gets turned into a series of abstract paintings. Bags of broken jewelry become shimmering assemblages. Folders of fashion magazine clippings are used to construct collages. I love the challenge of using found objects to create art.

I’m an intuitive creator – I consider what a piece might mean only after I’ve finished it. In the moment of creating, I simply play and go with the flow. The process of creation is just as important to me as the finished product. I feel what needs to be added or altered; if I think about it too much, inspiration flies away and my work grinds to a halt.

I’m a child at heart – I love to play and experiment. Glitter is always welcome. Pieces of colorful “junk” catch my eye and are added to my materials pile. Fancy jewelry and craft store supplies happily coexist. I enjoy texture and shimmer and bright hues layered into a visual feast.
Shiny is wonderful.

Online Sales

Elisabeth Morley is setting up their online store. Check back or email/call for purchase information.

Online Store

Whirlwind in blue

“Whirlwind in blue (there is always hope),” 4in x 6in, mixed media on wood board, framed in an 8×10 white frame.
Curbside pick up is available at the Northrup King Building, as well as free delivery in the Twin Cities area. Shipping is also available.

This item is available for pickup or shipping.

My e-commerce setup is pending.

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