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I largely paint abstracts. Color is what is most important to me as well as the freedom to make marks on the surface. I paint on paper, wood, canvas. I mostly use acrylics to compose pieces. Transparency is an important theme in my work. It is important for me to be able to see what marks or colors lie beneath the surface, so I accomplish this by watering down my paints and creating washes. My approach is purely spontaneous and I enjoy the freedom this brings. 

In my collage work, the cutting and pasting of paper is meditative to me, and satisfies my need to create and place objects and images on a surface, consolidating these images into a beautiful, and contemplative pieces to share with others. The collages are an ongoing exploration of the discarded.  These works are composed using memorabilia from my early childhood. The works include papers cut out of old encyclopedias, game pieces and other items that I find aesthetically pleasing to look at. The works are meant to remind people of a time gone by, a time that may be forgotten. The product then becomes a biography of the past as I arrange and choose pieces that compliment each other, giving the works new life and permanence. My desire is for the works themselves to be viewed as aesthetically pleasing objects.  

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550 Vandalia St
Studio #303
St Paul, MN 55114
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Call 817-505-8913



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