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  • Everything is shared/nothing is original
  • Who do you make art for? Yourself or for others?
  • Scale–cosmic vs. microscopic
  • Stream of consciousness
  • World building–Tolkien, Hancock, Moebius, Kusama, Schulnik
  • Expression: extremes, bright, loud, explosive
  • Dichotomies: juxtaposition of controlled and free
  • Kitsch. Flash. Eternal Symbols. Tokens.
  • Details: continuations of characters’ origins and histories, lifetimes, pathways, alternate pathways, specificities
  • Details: marks, lines, scribbles, overlays, what composes an object/form, the pathway that led to its creation
  • Dreams. Weirdness. Surreal.
  • Destruction. Time. Beginnings.

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Thorp Building

Thorp Building
Studio 125
1620 Central Ave NE
Minneapolis, MN 55413
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Call 847-770-3912



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