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Grain Belt Bottling House – 79

79 13th Ave NE
Minneapolis, MN 55413
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In my creative life, the chance to banter and chat is the juice that makes it all work so well! And so I am desperately missing the opportunity to gab and talk about my most recent work with you this year, like I usually do at Art-A-Whirl!  I am really happy that you decided to participate in our on-line event, and even went so far as to seek me out!

Recently, I’ve been going back into photos from my trips up north to Grand Marais, because that is where my “Personal Creative Year” starts every spring.  When I finally and clearly declared myself an ARTIST, it was in part because of these annual retreats to the north shore of Lake Superior where I was able to paint nearly non-stop for three days straight and carry on conversations and discussions about art and artists and life and love and loss and all that good stuff that feeds our art. So I’ve returned to my “source” the best way I could- through photos from the past years’ trips, and I am re-imagining them.

Of course, I can’t stop painting animals, so I have lots of those as well! My sister has kittens in her apartment in Costa Rica right now, so those have just started percolating for me…

I do have my DPW Shop for you, where you can search and buy directly from~ link here~. and here is a link to AVAILABLE work only!



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Online Store

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