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My name is Kordula Coleman and I am a figurative ceramic sculptor. I live and work in Northeast Minneapolis. After immigrating to the US in 2000 from Cologne, Germany, I rekindled my love for sculpting with clay.
I started sculpting at an early age and am a ceramic journeyman. My biggest challenge and achievement can be seen in the taproom of the local Hispanic brewery La Doña Cerveceria – my piece ‘La Doña’. It is a large, almost life size Day of the Dead sculpture, permanently installed since 2018.

Communicating my thoughts and emotions through my art is really important to me. I want to reach out to viewers through my art, and highlight our shared humanity. My goal is to create art that viewers can connect with in a direct, intuitive way. To accomplish that is one of my greatest rewards.

The pieces you see in my online Art-A-Whirl Shop are part of a series that I started this January – it is a reaction to how I have perceived the last 4 years and especially 2020 so far – tumultuous, heartbreaking, but also filled with unexpected beauty and hope at times. The pieces in this series are meant to express those mixed experiences.
The weathered, dark tones of the faces express the emotional toll and hardship of our times. the objects on top of the busts ‘ heads are painted in bright, cheerful colors. By adding this iconic, uplifting imagery, I want to express my own need to find time every day to focus on inspiring and comforting subjects. I also want to inspire the viewer to find or remember their own mantras, rituals or images that bring them calm and optimism.
The small children’s head wallpieces are an extension of this series – an homage to the young children of this time that are coping with a pandemic and a lockdown, while trying to feel safe and just be kids.

All the pieces in this series have been pit fired in our backyard, which gives them their earthy, weathered surface. It is an important element of the series, since the lockdown meant that I couldn’t do glaze firings at my regular place, Continental Clay. So what was born out of necessity added a distinctive, unique look to these pieces that in itself expresses the situation.

I hope you’ll enjoy looking at my art!
Happy Online Art-A-Whirl 2020!


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Zone4 heads

An homage to the people enduring and thriving zone4 conditions as we have here in Minnesota, zone 4 being visually expressed by the flowers and plants residing on their heads. the plants I have chosen are all native or hardy to Minnesota climate conditions.

A Collection of Truths

This piece was part of my 2018 exhibition at Artistry, featuring my sculpture series exploring human connections with animals. The butterfly resting on this woman’s chest symbolizes the rebirth and renewal of hope, life and optimism. The set depicting the girl and her dog was inspired by an incredible, real life story about the hardships of adoption.

Stories in Clay

This piece was part of my first show at Gallery 360 in Minneapolis. The title, at the time, expressed my fascination with the dramatic and creative language of Charlotte Brontë that I experienced for the first time when I read ‘Jane Eyre’ that year. Her earnestness, passion, and desire to get to the bottom of the human soul really resonated with me, since that is what defines my motivation for my sculptural work. This sculpture depicts a man recognizing a grave truth within, and the moment when he realizes he can’t hide from it any longer. In recent months, this piece has taken on a new layer of meaning for me. The fact that the man is white and his clothing is that of a nobleman of the 19th century adds a new narrative for me now – the story of a privileged member of white society beginning to understand at what cost and with what means his lifestyle is made possible – the instrument of slavery.


Mid-range stoneware with glazes, underglazes and gold leaf.
17.5″ x 7.5″ x 7″

This item is available for curbside pickup or shipping.

The bravest generation

A series of small wall pieces dedicated to the children adapting to live during the Covid19 pandemic. Some adult portraits sneak in sometimes  as well.


Pit-fired earthenware.
5” x 3.5”  x 2.5”

This item is available for curbside pickup or shipping.

Stories in Clay

An older piece, inspired by a movie about world weary vampires.

Old soul

Low-fire earthenware with glazes and underglazes.
15.75 x 8 x 7

This item is available for curbside pickup or shipping.

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