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12225 45th Avenue North
Plymouth, MN
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I am a henna artist. I have been creating art on skin for more than a decade, honoring the ancient tradition to the best of my ability, studying and practicing the art form, learning and sharing the history and rich traditions surrounding it, as well as the science of the plant itself, and working to bring the energy of peace, respect and joy to each human interaction I have using henna. Since COVID19 put my beloved henna interactions on hold, I returned to my artistic roots and have been doing watercolor portraits.  My shop contains henna kits and henna cones for DIY henna, hair henna cones to dye your hair and custom watercolor portraits of people and animals.  I can mail items, and also offer contactless pickup at my home in Plymouth. Scroll to the bottom to see my offerings–Thank you for your support!!

Online Sales

Mehndi Made Memories – Henna Art takes online orders for pickup and shipping through this website.

Curbside Hours

By appointment only. Please indicate desired pickup times when you check out.

Online Store

custom watercolor portrait

Custom Watercolor Portraits

These make fantastic gifts and are an excellent way to keep someone you love always near. 

You provide:

  • At least three photographs of the subject  in focus, close up, in good light (preferably outdoors with few shadows)
  • Three words to describe the person 
  • If you are ordering for a special date (at least a week hence), include information about the momentous occasion. 
  • If there is a specific color scheme desired for the background or clothing, indicate when ordering. 
  • Choose 8×10 or 9×12 size. Any other sizes can be customized upon request. 

Within 1-2 weeks the watercolor portrait of your loved one will be ready for pickup or mailing.

This item is available for pickup or shipping.


DIY Henna Kit

Everything you need to discover the alchemy of the magic henna plant—as easy as whipping up a batch of brownies!

Kits contain:

  • 50g high quality henna powder pre-mixed with 15g fructose
  • 15ml MMM essential oil blend
  • Detailed instructions on how to mix, thin, cone up, store and use your henna cones
  • A carrot bag for filling cones
  • 10 rolled cones for henna application
  • Henna balm to help preserve the stain

The amount of henna contained in this kit will accommodate a large party of people experimenting for several hours, or can keep in the freezer for 6 months to take out when you’re ready for a new design!

This item is available for pickup or shipping.


Go, Girl!

9×12 original watercolor

This item is available for pickup or shipping.

dye your hair naturally with hair henna

Hair Henna

Dye your hair the natural way with henna!  It will turn light hair a natural, bright orangey red. Several applications deepens the hue. The darker the hair is naturally, the more the color shifts to an auburn tint in the sunlight. Upon request, indigo can be added to create a dark brown dye. 

Hair henna comes in a carrot bag for ease of application containing 100 grams pre-mixed henna to dye. It is mixed with sage tea brewed with aromatic spices and rose water. Instructions and plastic gloves are included with each order. 100 grams covers short hair, 200 grams neck length straight hair, 300 grams shoulder length straight hair, 500 grams waist length straight hair

24 hours lead time may be necessary for product pickup

This item is available for pickup or shipping.

100% natural henna cones, made by artist without chemicals or preservatives

Henna Cones

2 for $5  Each cone of henna provides 6 large designs or 20 small designs. Keeps for 6 months in the freezer. A small design sheet for inspiration comes with every purchase. Contactless pickup is available in Plymouth–24 hours lead time may be necessary for product pickup

This item is available for pickup or shipping.

henna party social distancing style

Henna Party (Social Distancing Style)

One hour henna party certificate (for eight people or less)

Preferably outdoors when possible, under shade, gathering can take place outdoors at artist’s home in Plymouth, or artist will come to you. 

Artist will wear a mask and gloves and requests that every henna recipient wear a mask when receiving henna. 

All implements and design sheets will be sanitized prior to the event and as needed between recipients.  

This item is available for pickup or shipping.


Park Seo Joon

Original watercolor 9×12

This item is available for pickup or shipping.

Need help?

If you have a question about an order or a pickup, or about fulfillment options for an item, please contact the artist or gallery.

If you need help with this website or your customer account, or if you are an artist or gallery in need of support, please contact us.

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