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Northrup King Building

1500 Jackson Street Northeast
Studio 391
Minneapolis, MN
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         Natosha Keefer, NDK’S Designs and Decor

Natosha Keefer considers herself an inspirational traveling artist. Working sans shoes and occasionally accompanied by music, she enters a visual dialogue with her canvas as her brush dances across it. The addition of burlap, denim, sand and other materials gives added multimedia dimension to each unique work of art.  She is equally comfortable creating for a live group, 1 on 1 or alone in her studio.  Natosha believes her art to be not only a reflection of her authentic self but that it is in part a product of the creative synergy which results from her interaction with those sharing her experience.

The music to which she works is often from recorded tracks, but sometimes she creates in collaboration with local talented musicians in the Kansas City Area. This unique artist’s work and style has been featured on MTV Made ‘It Girl’, ‘Live Art Attack’ (Kansas City’s Channel 41) and more. She has delighted audiences creating her art at the Plaza Art Fair, numerous charity events such as the Medical Missions Art Gala, the Epilepsy Foundation, numerous New Age Oneness fairs across the United States and more.

Natosha’s art background extends far beyond painting.  She is also an accomplished instructional-level dancer, denim specialist, visual merchandiser and more. Natosha says her background in music, dance and retail in addition to her extensive travel as a child in a “lovely military family” all contribute to her joyous and energetic artistic performances and their finished products. She has been called a dancing colorist while others have referred to her as ‘The Painted Denim Lady”.  The names by which she’s known are secondary to the joy and energy Natosha radiates as she creates her art. Both are obvious and infectious.  Audience members often become as enthused and involved in the process as Natosha is as she creates each original piece.   Natosha has continued to expand and explore her artistic expression.   Recent inspirations include the power and serenity of water, the beauty of the great outdoors, the strength and solitude of lighthouses and the bright, vibrant and bold colors of the world around us.

Natosha of course wants people and the community to enjoy her performances and the resulting art works but she also hopes to inspire others to “JUST GO FOR IT!” in their own lives. To this end, she offers one on one sessions to help people find their own creative expression and inspiration. Natosha is delighted to accept individual commissions for unique creations tailored for owners’ homes or offices with the aim of enriching their lives as art has enriched hers!

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