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250 3rd Ave N
Studio #236
Minneapolis, MN 55401
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Growing up in white suburbia in a life of relative privilege I had all the advantages my Caucasian neighbors enjoyed: a secure home, the expectation of going to college and the idea that the government would protect our opportunities for happiness.

My Asian-ness set me apart, a characteristic that continues to define me as different. To this day I feel I remain foreign in spite of my third generation status. Through my subject’s eyes I seek to capture the tension that lies between the melting pot rhetoric and the immigrant reality.

Through portraiture and oral history interviews with recent immigrants and outsiders, I examine the journey, hopes, aspirations, difficult transitions, and how they each negotiate the compromises as an American.

Their images detail the friction between diversity and homogeneity, identity and assimilation and the apprehension of being recast in this new role. Through this I hope to foster a deeper understanding of my own sense of difference.


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